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Just for fun here are a couple of my new quasi paintings that will be turned into labels in the future.  I say quasi-paintings because they look to be done with watercolor paints but they are actually watercolor pencils.  These are essentially dried watercolors that have been compressed into the form of a colored pencil.  You can sketch a drawing with them and then apply water with a paintbrush to get the watercolor painting effect.  I'm learning but still suck at watercolor painting so this is kind of a cheat that right now yields better results..  The wash in in the backgrounds is all traditional watercolor paint but the detailed parts are done with the pencil.  

Anyways, enough artsy-shmartsy stuff.  Here are the future labels for the Black Hole Mind Fucker Russian Imperial Stout and the Foghorn Kilt Buster Strong Scotch Ale.  A tasting will have to wait because they won't be opened until Christmas next year.  Yes, they are somewhat disgusting and volgure but these are going out to a group of guys so i
8/11/2013 07:24:19 pm

I finally got some cones growing at the end of the year but the two dozen or so that sprouted never came close to maturity leaving me without any homegrown hops. And without any homegrown Nugget hops I still have not used the hops that I am growing in the backyard. So, long story short I was pondering this over the other day I decided a little research was necessary.


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