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So this has almost nothing to do with homebrewing other than the fact that I had a few of the Rye-childs to wash it down but I thought it was awesome enough to write about and got some great pictures out of it.  So here it is; the fatty.  The bacon explosion.  The heart stopper.  Call it what you will but basically it is some filling (can literally be anything although I chose mac-n-cheese) rolled up in a pound of sausage and then wrapped in a blanket of bacon and slow cooked with smoked woods for a few hours.  If you need a more detailed explanation of it I've included a link to where I discovered this awesomeness below. 

Long story short this was probably the best thing that I have ever tasted in my entire life.  Smoked bacon and sausage is amazing and greasy mac-n-cheese with it was terrific.  Everyone loved it although the sheer awesomeness of this beast of a meal (or side dish?) severely limited how much one person could actually eat in one sitting.  Honestly don't know what else to say because words can only go so far.